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Our History

Discover El Rincón Oaxaqueño, a culinary treasure that captivates the senses from its very name. Immerse yourself in a charming corner that offers Laredo an unparalleled gastronomic experience, delighting you with exquisite and unique dishes typical of Oaxaca. From huaraches and tlacoyos to the tempting tesmole and comforting chicken broth, each bite will transport you to the most authentic roots of Oaxacan cuisine.

Behind this culinary marvel is the talented chef Martha Carazo, who has brought with her the best-kept secrets from her native Oaxaca. Passionate about cooking from an early age, Martha finds a way to convey her warm affection for people through each dish.

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We invite you to join this unforgettable culinary journey at El Rincón Oaxaqueño, where authentic flavors and sincere hospitality intertwine in a feast of love for food.